LAKITA is an Australian based performance artist and choreographer most well known for her signature style; an ever evolving modern interpretation of Bellydance with an ancient serpentine swag.

Fusing this timeless art form with contemporary music, movement and fashion has Lakita seen as an exciting young innovative voice on the scene. Whether leading a room full of dancers or intoxicating a crowd, this dancer will entice and seduce the senses.


Since childhood Lakita has dedicated herself to bringing music to life through her body- to truly becoming the embodiment of music. After many years as a Ballerina and Contemporary dancer, study at WAAPA, theatre and acting, she finally found home with Bellydance for it was an expression that allowed her personality to really flourish.


Lakita credits her teachers, Zoe Jakes (Beats Antique), Rachel Brice and Kami Liddle, for paving the way and being a constant source of inspiration to dance fearlessly and passionately. Lakita also speaks of artists such as FKA Twigs, PARRI$ and Sevdaliza, as being a huge inspiration to keep creating outside the box and finding your unique artistic self.Lakita has spent the last few years focusing on her role as creative director of the ‘Ladies of The Lounge’ performance group and establishing the Byron Bay headquarters while also relocating back to Melbourne!


Lakita has graced the stage with a fine collection of music acts such as Beats Antique, Filastine, Future Roots, Ganga Giri, Temple Step Project, Kayla Scintilla, OKA, Avishai Bar Natan, Shai Shriki and Dakini.


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LAKITA - Belly dance Artist -
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